Salsa Dancing is Supposed to be Fun!

The Salsa Foundation is a dance company dedicated to teaching you how to love dancing. We believe that dancing is for EVERYONE, not just for professionals and (sometimes too serious) hardcore dancers. It’s a great way to get active, meet new people, challenge yourself, and most importantly, HAVE FUN. If you’ve ever wanted to try dancing, now there’s no excuse!

Join the more than 35,000 people who have tried salsa with us. No experience necessary. No partner required. No ego’s. Just a 100% fun and friendly environment. With FREE Beginners Salsa Classes on Wed and Thu every week, conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD (near Southern Cross Station), there’s never been a better time to try Salsa Dancing!


Free Beginners Salsa Classes

Free Beginners Salsa Classes run from 6pm – 7pm every Wednesday and Thursday in
Melbourne CBD. Just book your spot, come and learn how to dance salsa, meet lots of new friends, and just
MAYBE find your new addiction!


Why Us? We help you to…




Make New Friends

Dance classes are a great way to meet new people




Learn to Dance

Our Instructors are friendly & experienced




Get Active & Fit

Dancing burns a whole lot of calories!




Have Fun!

Most importantly you’ll have a blast.

Love From The TSF Community

  • Mandy-VicMandy Vic
    The thing about TSF is that everyone there started at zero. So they’re patient – and forgiving. There’s a lot of laughing and a lot of figuring steps out at the monthly Pot Luck Parties and La Fiestas. It doesn’t matter if you come with a partner or alone. And forget about slimy guys with octopus hands; they’re very respectful and are there to learn salsa have fun and make new friends.
  • Ellen-DouglasEllen Douglas
    "I came to TSF to learn salsa dancing and try something different, but I've stayed for so long (9 months and counting!) because Jai, the staff, and the other students have been so welcoming and supportive, and I love going to class week after week! Not only have I learned some serious salsa, I've made amazing friendships too. VERY highly recommended!!"
  • Silvia-UlivelliSilvia Ulivelli
    "The Salsa Foundation is simply awesome! It's not just about dancing and meeting great people and having fun if you want to feel ALIVE and LOVED this is the place to be! Thanks guys, please never stop! TSF brings happiness to the world! I feel so sorry for anyone who's missing out all this. THANK YOU!"
  • Dominic-McDonnellDominic McDonnell
    "I love TSF for the community, the welcoming atmosphere and friendliness of the staff, and of course the awesome dance instruction delivered with humor and style. As someone who considered themselves incapable of dancing, and did have 2 left feet when I started, TSF could not have been more supportive of my slow but steady journey into learning Latin dance."
  • Elise-DouglasElise Douglas
    "Dancing is addictive! TSF is love! Every week I am amazed at the incredible environment that is the TSF family. I can't get enough of dancing but more importantly, I can't get enough of all of the beautiful souls that make TSF possible. This is the best fun I've ever had."